5 Tips For Great ‘Getting Ready’ Photos

Just about every wedding, even the smaller destination weddings, begin with the bride getting ready. This is a time for getting hair and makeup done, reading a special note from your fiance and finally getting into your dress. Though these moments aren’t the main event, they are also very special and important for your photographer to capture. Here I’ve included 5 tips to help you get the Pinterest worthy getting ready photos you desire!

TIP 1: Schedule Extra Time Into Your Timeline

Allow for an hour or more prior to the ceremony to photograph all of your special wedding details such as wedding invitation, wedding accessories and heirlooms.  My second shooter will be photographing these details for your fiance and their groomsmen/women. Most wedding planners will account for this time, but just make sure you are aware of it if you are planning yourself.

TIP 2: Have All of Your Details Ready

Please gather all of your wedding details and accessories and have them waiting for me at your getting ready destination or put someone you trust in charge of them so I can easily grab them and get to photographing these special pieces. These special items include, but are not limited to: engagement and wedding rings, wedding invitation suite, bridal shoes and jewelry, perfume, and any special heirlooms.  Also ask your florist if they can spare a few sprigs of flowers for your photographer. This is a great way for me to add in touches of your wedding colors and staying true to your wedding vision.

TIP 3: Find The Best Light

In order to maintain my light and airy aesthetic, I always seek out the best natural light. Whether that be near a window or outside. You may be thinking, I’m not getting dressed outside or in front of a window, because someone might see me! Let me ease your mind and know that these are done so far in advance guests are not walking around and usually your fiance is far away or in another room. We make absolute sure of it!

TIP 4: Remove The Clutter

It is very easy for clutter to accumulate on wedding day. Clothes, shoes, hair dryers, food and drink are usually everywhere. To help prevent this, have some bridesmaids or friends help with the clean up prior to the photographer’s arrival. This will help the photos to go by faster and everyone will be grateful they organized their things early on instead of rushing on the way out the door.

TIP 5: First Looks

Not only is this the opportunity to capture the first look of the couple, but you can also capture first look with bridesmaids or dad. Make sure when scheduling your day that you allow plenty of time for these moments if you are wanting them captured. They do take time to stage and of course finding those that might be needed.

Most often than not, you haven’t seen your Dad at all the day of the wedding. So brides take that time right after they get in their dress to show their Dad. Either in private or in front of the girls it can be just as special.

Getting Ready Photos

These tips above like having extra time built in, finding great natural light and even decluttering the room will help your day unfold perfectly and create the images you will always look back on. But, the most important tip is to trust your photographer. They will find the best light, capture the right moments and suggest elements for your day you might not have thought of just yet.

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